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Just Your Everyday Fangirl <3
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Wahh... we have to write bios about ourselves now? I don't know what to say , so I'll go with basics. I started drawing when I could hold a pen, hated using pencils because they were scratchy, but I'm mostly over that now, though I still prefer pens. I had a hard time coloring within the lines of my Barbie coloring book, and I still have that problem, crayons are hard ya know =P.. Hmmm, lessee, the first piece of art I actually remember 'creating' was a clock and a stop light. I still have it somewhere. Hehe, I quickly evolved to pretty princesses whose heads were always much larger then the princes, after a great while (ten years?) I found a creative outlet on-line and started to create fan comics and fan art. Now I'm dabbling in my own creations, and maybe you'll get a different sort of update later <3

A couple of things popped into my head recently.. things I was wondering if I should talk about. So here goes..

I realized that my personal opinion on how I perceive certain aspects of sucky story-telling may have bothered people. It was not my intention to bother anyone, but just to post how I felt about certain things, so that people would know how I felt, if they wanted to know about that.

Sometimes people have asked me 'Why I ship Zutara' on my Zutara fanart, and forums or just wherever...I've answered this question so many times, I feel like its silly to answer it anymore, but just in case.. If you have no idea why I, or anyone would, ship Zutara, then I should tell you there is no point in asking. If you don't know now, and your just asking because of a petty rivalry, then you'll never understand why I or anyone ships Zutara.

And btw... I can see right through you. And I don't care what you think about me as a Zutarian. So. There. Hahahah. And did you know we rule the internets??? =3=  fufu.

If you were asking because you wanted to gush about it with me, then my reply is as it was; Because Zutara is Awesome.

Okay aside from that.

I don't know what to think about ATLA or LOK anymore.

I watched the Korra finale on saturday, and this overwhelming feeling of wheeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh washed over me. It was like being told to worship a golden idol that smacks you every hour. When it was finally over, and a considerable amount of ice had been dumped on the poor bruised temple, there was nothing worth worshiping.. It was something built up to be something, but in truth it was false and not worth the attention it had gotten.

It pissed me off.

I smashed it, shattering it to bits and trying to piece it together again, trying to force it to make sense.

But there was nothing salvageable.

A part of me has wondered all this time if Season 3 of ATLA had been a fluke with the random storytelling and bad moments.. (Don't bother denying that Daydreams and Nightmares AND The Ember Island Players were the worst episodes of any season.. and completely unnecessary!!!). After watching this season of LOK and reading The Promise comic.. I have my answer. =,=

The Finale was.. bad. Empty. Annoying as hell. Laughable, but not for the silly Bolin jokes. Poor Bolin can't bend metal bars.. I guess the cement floor in the cell wasn't bendable either? <,,,,,<;;

Worthless Bolin.

-Tarlok's sapless tale of sad creepy cold weather was nothing but a dull thunk. It wasn't "Omigosh! I had no idea! What a great twist!" It was like soaking a piece of moldy bread in honey. Like that was going to make it taste better? MmmMmm. Delicious.

-Korra loves Mako. but the minute she loses her powers she's like "I'm not good enough anymore, go away!" SERIOUSLY? Was she only confident as a person because of her powers? Or only felt like Mako liked her out of pity? Or that he liked her because she was the Avatar? Wow. (Again I point out he's just like Katara. Would Aang have gone away from Katara if he wasn't the Avatar?) So Korra, without her avatar powers, can't think of herself in confidence at all? I don't care if it was because she was upset at the moment, that's no excuse for a dramatic loss of confidence. In fact, she should have been super pissed about it before crying and not take it out on Mako.. at least not by 'breaking up' with him because she wasn't cool anymore. But oh well!  Thanks Bryke! What a great message.

Then, She raises up her spirituality by being all bitchy and emo? Go grow some shrooms and your past lives will reveal themselves!!??! Wow.. kk? DX<

"Omigosh! My godlike skillz have returned! Mako! I like myself again, so I like you too!"


Makes my blood boil. There's no arguing that point, that's what happened! Even if it's paraphrasing, even if no shrooms actually bloomed in the snow, this is what happened!!!

How can you destroy every good point in a character and call it good writing?

Is Mako redeemable? Doesn't he actually have two girlfriends now?

And hey, why was Asami Sato modeled after FMA's Lust anyway? I think admitting something like that (let alone actually doing it) is...

Well. I don't like it.

And General Iroh? wasn't he just a re-imagination of Zuko? And he even thanked Aang's statue like it was a god or something, or like it was personal because he was Zuko? >,< What the hell? Isn't Aang the past incarnation of Korra? So Aang is inside Korra right?.. Therefore, he should thank Korra later? Maybe? weh!

Constantly bringing up that Tenzin and Lin had romantic feelings for each other was really inappropriate. Sorry. It was. I think Meelo even said something about it O_O.. And then making pregnant Pema jealous.... gosh. Don't tell me this is meant for an older audience when you show it at 10 on a SATURDAY morning.

Amon... ahhhhh. Amon. He was hot. He was really hot, and strangely younger looking then Tarlok, despite being the elder of the two.

Mmmm.... and I was probably the only one who thought so, but I wanted Amon to like Korra. I actually think he did like her, based on the sweet little caress he gave her while they were on Aang Statue Island. But I wanted the Amon x Korra ship to be an actual option. Call me crazy. But then maybe we could've had darkness abounding...

    Oh and I must say this, I felt like Amon had a valid point. He was right that it was the fault of Benders that wars happened, that bad things happened! If bending did not exist, a hundred year war probably wouldn't have happened.

Besides, Amon only took away people's powers (( not really believably, even as a blood/brain bender.. but I'll let it slide because it's too complicated and annoying to lengthily indulge myself in buttery explanations of ATLA spirituality canon. *coughs* Besides, I think everyone is thinking the same thing on that score anyway, even if not openly... but tangent aside)), he only took away their skill of violence, he didn't kill anyone! If you look at it that way, he's more of a police force then a bad guy.

I can't help but think that Korra should've realized that Amon may have had a point, then they could've talked and hashed things out and together they could've gone after a real villian like Tarlok (maybe?) , who was a tyrannical bastard. Then, corny as this might sound, she could've given everyone the ability to bend an element? Because, Korra is not just an Avatar for Benders, but for everyone, because the Avatar is the Bridge between the spirit world and the real world.. right?

And then some sweet Amon x Korra shipping to make Mako jealous could've happened.

At the very least I wanted some jealous MAKO O:<

But no. Because, Korra is more like Judge Dredd or Anakin. Deciding everything without making sure and acting out in abrasive, rash, horrible manners that don't give the audience enough time to realize she's right but to just go "Wait! what just happened?!" at the end of every stinking episode!!

Korra is somebody who shouts "Aha! I gotcha! I know who you are now! Noatok!" Omigosh, did they really think that was a good idea? That was so stupid!!

How many times did you feel like you were watching a better animated version of Scooby Doo? After the Tahno episode, they ALL felt like that for me. Every moment with the new 'Avatar Gang'.

And OMIGOSH!!! O< Does everybody know everything from past history? Every detail? That thing about calling themselves the Avatar Gang?? "...Oh and then Sokka said..."

Really? That's... not believable..

Scooby Doo.

For Reals.



My poor fan-feelings are dying. I am now at the point where Korra is something I will erase from my mind. It didn't happen. Just like The Last Airbender movie.. or Prometheus (srsly << don't see that crappy movie. it's not worth it. not even a little bit). I certainly can't say that the writing was any better. Even the bending was hardly there. <,< And before you say anything.. Because I know your like "how can you say that cg??" The probending crap was like watching a sport anime. Boring. I don't like sport anime. Though I do like Whistle!, a soccer manga.. but that's it. And I only like Whistle because the characters were good and the story was really good. I didn't watch the anime adaption. And back bending wise, Tenzin and Lin were the only ones who did any cool bending. Korra just did an occasional water swirly and punches.

Probending felt out of place.. annoying. And worthless. It might've been fun for one episode.. but don't make it important to the series. :faint:

The overall message I got out of Legend of Korra?

That girls are not cool without something to make them interesting. Like hero powers.

Gawsh. Thanks guys. Thanks alot.

That's all I want to say about it. ;A; Sorry.


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Hi. I have abandoned the Avatar fandom for ever... But, just like you I am still pissed Azulaang didn't became canon ship. Since Valentine's Day is approaching soon, and this ship's club doesn't seem to get as much love as the others (cough*Korrasami*cough), I have decided to make Azulaang ''reborn from it's ashes like a phoenix''(bad choice of words, I know). I will try to make/find an icon for the group, and put every Deviantart picture and fanfiction(that involves Aang and Azula as a couple, not enemies) in it. However, I need access to the group. Keep in mind I wish to remain anonymous. Hide this message! And after I am done improving the group and making it decent looking, I will depart. Like I said, I no longer want to be in the Avatar fandom. I simply wish to rebuild a ''house'', and make it good for living in once more, so to speak. So what do you say? :thumbsup:
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